Smelly Boots 3 Peak Challenge

bootsAn intrepid team of adventurers put together by Jo Whyles (only qualification – to own a pair of smelly boots!) is to tackle the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Walk on Saturday 16 April.

Some have trained intensively and some not at all – in fact there are at least one pair of un-smelly boots setting off at 6.30am on 16th! “We have merely 12 hours to cover the 25 miles up hill (all of it!) and get back to the Pen-y-Ghent cafe to reach our target,” says Jo.

“As we are doing this just for a laugh, we hoped that a charity could benefit along the way and have chosen Anna’s Hope, who helped the Wade family when Jonny was taken ill some years ago.”

Participants include: Sam Wade, Nick Wade, Randy Parrish, Chris Whyles, Jo Whyles, Deb Rossington, Paula Wraith, Jo O’Boyle, Runa, Angela Andrews, Alison Brown, Claire Lyons, Michaela Howard, Sally, Hannah Bentley, Pippa and Maxine.

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Good luck and a big thank you from Anna’s Hope!