Holiday on Ice Peterborough

Holiday on Ice, Energia is more extravagant, more exhilarating and more spectacular than anything ever before staged on ice!

With its revolutionary three-dimensional setting, you will be whisked into the great universe where planets spin around you in glorious colours and spectrums of light. On the ice, the skating elite perform breathtaking feats that will have you on the edge of your seat!

Over 40 worldwide skaters will take you through the story of our universe, beginning with an exploding Supernova, continuing with the creation of mankind on Earth and visiting the romantic Venus and Neptune’s fishy underworld! Watch the passion of the Sun and Moon Tango and finally a Bollywood-style celebration of Diwali, the annual festival of Light!

Colour, excitement and fun with scintillating choreography, magnificent costumes representing the planets and constellations and all the living creatures of the Earth, music composed especially for ENERGIA and not forgetting, Ein and Stein the adorable clowns, with their off-the-planet humour.

Watch in amazement as skaters attempt the perilous Death Spiral and hold your breath while they attempt back flips, triple axles and throw jumps! And if you thought you’d seen everything, think again – a stilt walker will skate while juggling with fire and clowns jump through blazing hoops!

A show that will thrill and enthral family and friends from the minute you sit in your seats to the mind-blowing finale!

Holiday on Ice, Energia – the hottest thing on ice!

Tour Information:
Exec Peterborough
February 3-6
for more information
Tickets start from £24
All children £12
All tickets subject to a booking fee